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Understanding Healthcare Reform – Insurance Exchanges

If you have been listening to anyone talk about healthcare reform you have almost certainly heard the term Insurance Exchange.  In this article I am going to explain what the Health Insurance Exchanges are and what they are supposed to accomplish. A Health Insurance Exchange is simply a central place where individuals can get information […]

What To Do When You Can’t Get to the Doctor

With our recent flash freeze in Birmingham, driving on the roads has become very treacherous.  Simply walking down the street or sidewalk is hazardous as well.  My kids are running around enjoying the snow but have taken a few slips and falls already.  If your child takes a tumble and ends up with a hurt wrist, […]

Is It Broken or Just a Fracture?

There truly is no difference.  For some reason many people think these terms refer to two different injuries but they are really the same thing. Fracture is a medical term used to describe an injury to the bone that results in a disruption of the normal structure and substance of the bone’s architecture. Broken simply […]

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