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Are Steroid Injections Really Safe?

I see patients almost daily that express some resistance or anxiety over the thought of having a steroid injection.  I understand that the discomfort of the injection itself may make this a less desirable treatment option.  I understand the anxiety that some have over needles.  These are legitimate, reasonable reasons to prefer other treatment methods. [...]

Understanding Your Body – Rotator Cuff

The shoulder is a very complex part of the body.  There are a lot of moving parts and several layers that make it difficult to understand how all the parts work.  A lot of people come to me concerned about their rotator cuff.  To help you better understand how the shoulder works, and exactly what [...]

Why Would You Go Out of Network?

I have recently been dropped from one of the insurance panels that I have been happy to be associated with for many years.  It is not that I did anything wrong.  It is not that they changed their policies that I now have a moral conflict with abiding by.  I simply changed my hospital affiliation. [...]

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