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The Value of a Knee Replacement

In today’s health care climate it is easy to focus on the cost of medical care.  There are new studies being published almost every day that detail spending patterns and health outcomes.  Conclusions are drawn about the cost effectiveness of this treatment compared to that treatment.  Most of the conclusions seem to circle around the […]

Why Would You Go Out of Network?

I have recently been dropped from one of the insurance panels that I have been happy to be associated with for many years.  It is not that I did anything wrong.  It is not that they changed their policies that I now have a moral conflict with abiding by.  I simply changed my hospital affiliation. […]

Understanding Health Insurance Reform – How Insurance Exchanges Work

So How Does the Exchange Work? Here is a potential scenario: Your employer does not provide health insurance so you call the Insurance Exchange to find out what is available and how much it might cost you.  The “Navigator” – this is the name the federal government has come up for the federal (or state) […]

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