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What You Need to Know About X-rays

What is an X-ray?  What is it used for?  Are X-rays harmful? Over my years of training and medical practice I have performed or reviewed thousands of x-rays.  I have gotten very comfortable with the technology of x-rays and have figured out quite a lot about the most effective use of x-rays in my medical […]

Buckle Fracture

What Is a Buckle Fracture? To understand the answer to that question you have to know a little bit about children’s bones.  Kid’s bones are much more flexible than adult bones. In adults, when a bone breaks, it usually breaks into 2 or more major pieces, like snapping a piece of chalk in two.  The […]

Dissecting Health Insurance: Medicare Part C

Part 5 in Series In previous posts I have covered Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.  Both of these programs are run by the federal government.  When you file a claim using these programs, the federal government is the one paying the bills.  When you pay your monthly premium, you mail your check to […]

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