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Buckle Fracture

What Is a Buckle Fracture? To understand the answer to that question you have to know a little bit about children’s bones.  Kid’s bones are much more flexible than adult bones. In adults, when a bone breaks, it usually breaks into 2 or more major pieces, like snapping a piece of chalk in two.  The […]

Cross Training For Kids

Sports Specialization in Kids When More is Not Better Every parent wants their child to succeed.  We also want our kids to learn the value of hard work.  Teaching our young athletes to work hard at their skills, to practice in order to get better, is an admirable coaching and teaching strategy.  But sometimes, more […]

6 Steps to Return to Running

How Long Must I Wait?                       As an orthopedic surgeon I see a lot of injured runners.  And they are all very eager to return to their running.  Everyone wants me to give them a firm answer as to when they can get back to […]

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