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Are Steroid Injections Really Safe?

I see patients almost daily that express some resistance or anxiety over the thought of having a steroid injection.  I understand that the discomfort of the injection itself may make this a less desirable treatment option.  I understand the anxiety that some have over needles.  These are legitimate, reasonable reasons to prefer other treatment methods. […]

What You Need to Know About X-rays

What is an X-ray?  What is it used for?  Are X-rays harmful? Over my years of training and medical practice I have performed or reviewed thousands of x-rays.  I have gotten very comfortable with the technology of x-rays and have figured out quite a lot about the most effective use of x-rays in my medical […]

Is This The Future of Medicine

Doctor’s in training spend just 12% of their time actually talking to or examining patients. DOCTORS-IN-TRAINING SPEND VERY LITTLE TIME AT PATIENT BEDSIDE, STUDY FINDS A recent study performed at a teaching hospital in Baltimore followed medical interns for 3 weeks and tracked how they spent their time at work.  A mere 12% of their […]

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