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The Value of a Knee Replacement

In today’s health care climate it is easy to focus on the cost of medical care.  There are new studies being published almost every day that detail spending patterns and health outcomes.  Conclusions are drawn about the cost effectiveness of this treatment compared to that treatment.  Most of the conclusions seem to circle around the […]

How Much Will YOU Take In Government Subsidies?

Understanding Health Insurance Exchange Subsidies – Part 2 In a previous post I outlined some example scenarios detailing how the Health Insurance Exchanges will work.  I was discussing this topic with some people just a few days ago and more than one were shocked to discover that this system may result in them taking  government […]

Dissecting Health Insurance: Medicare Part B

Part 4 in Series Understanding Medicare Medicare is the federal government’s health plan for seniors.  There are some individuals that qualify for Medicare coverage based on other criteria but for most cases, age 65 qualifies one for enrollment in Medicare.  Medicare includes 4 different categories, known as Parts A, B, C, and D.  Each Part covers different […]

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