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Understanding Your Body – Rotator Cuff

The shoulder is a very complex part of the body.  There are a lot of moving parts and several layers that make it difficult to understand how all the parts work.  A lot of people come to me concerned about their rotator cuff.  To help you better understand how the shoulder works, and exactly what […]

The Value of a Knee Replacement

In today’s health care climate it is easy to focus on the cost of medical care.  There are new studies being published almost every day that detail spending patterns and health outcomes.  Conclusions are drawn about the cost effectiveness of this treatment compared to that treatment.  Most of the conclusions seem to circle around the […]

What To Do When You Can’t Get to the Doctor

With our recent flash freeze in Birmingham, driving on the roads has become very treacherous.  Simply walking down the street or sidewalk is hazardous as well.  My kids are running around enjoying the snow but have taken a few slips and falls already.  If your child takes a tumble and ends up with a hurt wrist, […]

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