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Buckle Fracture

What Is a Buckle Fracture? To understand the answer to that question you have to know a little bit about children’s bones.  Kid’s bones are much more flexible than adult bones. In adults, when a bone breaks, it usually breaks into 2 or more major pieces, like snapping a piece of chalk in two.  The […]

The Medicare Philosophy

Understanding the Medicare Philosophy The Medicare program is a constant topic of discussion and debate in our current day and age.  In 2012, there were just under 50 million Americans on Medicare.  That translates to 1 out of 6 Americans relying on the government to direct their medical care.  Spending just under $500 billion annually, Medicare accounts […]

How Much Is Too Much?

  Youth sports are very popular this time of year.  The warmer weather, the longer days, the green grass and the freshness of spring air make it enticing to spend hours outside.  At least after the pollen storm has passed.  Baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse keep kids busy in the evenings and weekends.  I see […]

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